• Ollie Gane

What makes our Thai Curries 'Aroy'

Great curry, like any great food has to start with great ingredients. At The Art Club we take the finest spices and freshest coconut milk made every morning in our local market from Samui coconuts.

Currently the Art Club Kitchen is being renovated so I wanted to show some of the things we get up to in the the kitchen (which I really miss, whilst the kitchen is unworkable for the next week or so)

This is how we prepare the Khao Soi Curry paste at The Art Club. Taking these ingredients and using traditional techniques we start by roasting the spices, herbs and shallots.

Spices are ground up finely

Dried chillies and added with the shallots to the pestle and mortar.

Fresh coconut milk is added to a wok.

Curry paste is added.

The curry paste and coconut milk combine to form the base of the curry sauce.

The final product ready for take away or delivery, Khao Soi Noodles at The Art Club Koh Samui, Thailand.

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